Doing a thing

I am currently writing a book with my friend Helen Huang on how people transitioned into a product management role in technology from outside the industry. As part of this journey, we will be interviewing technology professionals and then showcasing their adventures on when and how they successfully made the switch to their current PM role.

To kick this off, we started a Medium publication to share several articles about the people we talk to and some things we've learned.

In addition to this book, we are also starting a podcast. The central focus of the podcast is around how we intend to achieve our goal of writing this book. The episodes will involve talking through what we are currently working on, and you will get to experience behind the scenes of the decisions we make. By doing this, we want to be transparent about how we bring this proposed book to life. This way, we get to share our wins and challenges as they come, as well as how we react to them. It is also an excellent way for others to provide feedback on the structure of the book.

Please subscribe to our podcast. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what we are doing.

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Check out our first episode below.

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