For 2 years, I worked at ecobee, an internet of things company in Toronto that focuses on building products for the helpful home. I dream up magical experiences for our customers and lead software teams to bring the ideas to life for the thermostat products. Below are some of the project i've worked on.

SmartThermostat with voice control

I led cross-functional teams consisting of mobile, web, embedded, data science & server platforms in the development of all software experiences for this product. I supported marketing, eCommerce, and retail teams through the product launch and provided training materials for the customer support teams to assist with on-boarding new customers.

Native Applications

I executed the goal to improve the user experience of the ecobee mobile apps by enhancing app performance achieved through native user interactions. I managed the product execution with a brand new team for the mobile app rewrite, which helped build the foundation to deliver other unique product experiences for the future.

Schedule Assistant

Initially a side project, I worked with a small team to run experiments that used machine learning to predict user occupancy. After gathering sufficient data, I built a business case around the results and drove the product execution. It resulted in a feature that offers regular recommendations that better match users' actual schedules to their programmed ones. Therefore, helping users save more energy while away and ensuring their comfort upon return.

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